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EP Release & Live Shows Updates!

Hi all!

We apologise for not being very active the last month. During the lockdown in Melbourne it's been hard to stay motivated when we can't properly promote our debut EP 'Start Again' or plan any live shows, but rest assured that is definitely our plan once everything is open again!

We've also had an article about us (an interview with the editor) come out this month in the local newspaper which was a cool experience and we hope it brings in some fun new listeners!

(Page 4-5!)

We discuss our motivations for a career in music, what and who inspires and influences us and our music, and how we juggle everything with our other work and life things!

We also discuss our EP and future plans. First off the bat will be performing live, whether that be busking or in a bar, and getting more comfortable singing live as it's been a while for both of us! We also plan to hopefully do some live youtube covers and acoustic versions of our songs in the near future (when we can actually get together!).

We also recently went live on instagram (Link: ) and went through each of our songs and the process for writing/recording/producing them, as well as our music video for 'Start Again'. If you're interested in knowing our individual influences, favourite songs from the EP, or just about how we work in general, it is a must watch!

As always, please keep streaming

the EP! (

Please feel free to email us or use the chat box to get in touch, as we welcome all constructive feedback and/or collaboration opportunities!

Stay tuned,

Sez & Elle xo

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