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What Does Our Music Process Look Like?

We've had a few requests to give a lil insight into how we're travelling with our new music and how we work on stuff together, especially during COVID-19 when we can't meet up to collab.

The way we work is probably pretty standard. Usually a beat draft is made by one of us and we'll write lyrics around that, adjusting instruments/sounds where needed. Sometimes we'll give an idea we have straight to a professional beat maker/producer to bring to life (This was the case for Start Again, which was made by Bad Milk, who worked on BTS's album Map of The Soul: Persona)

Sometimes the lyrics come first, if we have a melody idea in our head (This is probably how I tend to work more often than not). We usually send each other video recordings of ideas we have and send things back and forth for the other to build on. After this, we'll record some rough vocals and then send it off to a professional to clean up.

So That a Draft Like This (Note my awful vocal manipulation skills):

Eventually Becomes This:

When it came to Start Again, we really wanted it to be high energy and have really strong, military-like percussion feel because we knew we wanted to write a song about feeling like you're living only to appease to other people's desires for you. Feeling stuck.

I originally wrote the first verse of this song with the idea that it would go with a really sad, slow beat. The vocal melodies for the song changed A LOT, particularly for the chorus.

I think it's a good reflection of how we were both feeling, and still feel sometimes, in our current situations. I'd say it was quite cathartic to be able to express ourselves in this way.

We've currently got a retro, almost disco-inspired track (think Dua Lipa's new Future Nostalgia album ~vibes~), as well as a Lauv-inspired ballad and a few other cool songs in the works. Hopefully we'll be able to give a more solid release date soon, but we imagine it will be by October for some, if not all, of them.

Please contact us with any questions, for collaborations (we would love to work with any new artists, producers, etc) or just to say hi!

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Sez xo

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