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What's in a Name?

Why are we named T.Y?

Well, we started off just calling ourselves "Sez and Elly", as you'll see by our email address, but it sounded a bit more like a children's entertaining act than a professional singer/songwriter duo.

Both of us tend to text "TY" because we're too lazy to type out the full "Thank-You", and Sez tends to do this in real life as well. We were brainstorming name ideas that were letters or acronyms for something that we could relate to, in the likes of BTS, 5SOS etc and thought, why not just use something we say multiple times a day?

We like it because it, obviously, is an acronym for "Thank-You" and we like to think of it as thanking people for being our lyrical inspirations, whether positive or negative. We then added the "." in the centre to avoid anyone pronouncing it "Tie" versus "Tee-Why".

Most of the songs we've written (soon to be released-we'll keep you posted!) are about our own self growth and troubles, but in the end we have to thank everyone who played a part in our lives, good and bad. These people and experiences made us who we are and allows us to continue to grow and explore that through our lyrics.

We'd also love to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported us thus far and continues to stay with us on our journey.

Much love,


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