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What's on our Spotify Playlists?

We just thought we'd pop in to share some of our favourite tracks at the moment, and give everyone a bit more insight into who inspires us! We have similar music tastes in some ways, but also our own individual faves. Hope you love!

We'll try to update these as we discover new songs we like!


My music taste is kind of all over the place...I love everything! In this playlist, there's a bit of Pop, Hip Hop, Kpop & Alternative if any of those are genres you fancy.

Currently, I'm really loving Machine Gun Kelly's new album, his switch from hip hop to, like, early 00's alternative is EVERYTHING. Living for it. Also good luck getting "Not Shy" by ITZY out of your head after listening to the chorus once.


My music taste is, like Sez, also very all over the place. I don't like sticking to just one genre as there's so many amazing styles and I like to grab inspiration from many different songs. I guess thats why Sez and I make a great team as we have very similar taste in music.

This playlist is just a combination of a few songs that really hype me up and also songs that just make me happy. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do. :)

You can find these playlists, and our own songs, on our Spotify profile (Just scroll down to "Artist Playlists"). <- Click here


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